Harvest Festival – Burk Falls

Harvest Festival – Burk Falls
Over the past 5 years Lumatronic had the privilege to collaborate with Harvest Festival to light up the Crystal6, Crash, Thermodome, and a 55ft LED Pyramid. Using thousands of individually controlled pixels attached to the intersecting nodes of the geodesic domes sound stage. Stages are also equipped with lasers, haze, decorations, and a massive sound system.

Calabra, AlieninFlux, Promise, Backliner, Tiger Durden, Jacques Fortin, Laura Brien, Emma Viney, Andrew Salkey, Marty MacKenzie, Samms Alex Riche, Lucas Ayoub, Tegan Holderness, Kelsey Chatterson, Rukmini Johnson, Alexandria Eby, Missy Cohen, Kelly Dee, Paul Chabot, Max Bonnekamp, Moe, Kait Colbourne.

ClientAstral Harvest - EdmontonServicesPixel Grid, Stage Design

Astral Harvest Festival, 2017

Festival Reel

Special thank you to the talented Jim Vanderhorst of Rebel Cause Films for this festival reel showcasing Lumatonic lighting design at Astral Harvest 2016. Music by JPOD the beat chef