Summer Events

Over the past few years Lumatronic had the opportunity to light up some of the best events in Toronto! From pop concerts at the Science Centre, to art installations during Nuite Blanche. We work closely with the cities hottest promoters, creative organizations and innovative event organizers to produce interactive visuals and enchanting light displays.

Promise, AlieninFlux, Captive Audience, House Addict, Box of Kittens, HeavyMeta, Summerdaze, Floating Island Entertainment, and TSP international

Memorable Events:
– Promise Halloween Party, Heart Party, German Sparkle Party, and Cherry Beach
– AlieninFlux and Promise New Years Eve!
– Sunnyside pavilion series with Captive Audience and HouseAddict
– Newmindspace & HeavyMeta for Metaverse 002
– Fartrade web series launch party at Bunzoween with Floating Island Entertainment and Bunz
– Prozzak Concert at Atomic Lollypop, at the Ontario Science Centre
– Bespoke.Experience & Summerdaze present Camp Summerdaze and Desert Hearts
– Anime North outdoor concert stage with TSP International and Kigurumi
– Jazz Cartier at Rebel Nightclub with Universal Music and Floating Island Entertainment

ClientVariousServicesAnything Goes!

Metaverse fundraiser for Heavy Meta, Toronto's largest art car.